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Digital Jukebox
Commercial JukeTime Trademark Residential
Digital Jukebox Software and Digital Music Management System
‘supporting the Jukebox Retrofit Community and the Music Enthusiast’
Our products put the "FUN" back in your music collection.
Welcome To JukeTime™
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Version 2.7 -- better Stability, greater Performance, and major Enhancements to the Juketime™ Music Management System
Improved PerformanceImproved Performance:•   Reduced memory usage
•   Smaller install packages
•   Smoother flow for both Jukebox
Enhanced FeaturesEnhanced Features:•   Auto CD cover art identification during
•   Automatic MP3 / MP4 / WMA embedded
   tag processing
•   Expanded search capability for both
   commercial and residential interfaces,
   (New Releases, Most Played, Recent
   Selections, etc.)
•   Inclusion of new music file formats,
   (MP4, M4A, ...)
•   Isolation of playlists and music scripts
   by laptop or desktop
•   Updated digital radio station list
   (thousands of active stations)
•   All major forms can now be minimized
   and maximized
New FunctionalityNew Functionality:•   Form resizing control for major
•   Support for multiple genre environment
   (All, Rock & Roll, Country, ...)
•   Field overrides during importing and
•   Ability to sample / play a radio station
   before setting it as one of the 10
•   Generation of ‘No Duplicate’ database
   (eliminates Song Titles and Artists
•   None standard monitor DPI (dots per
   inch) support
, and much, much more.
Commercial and Residential Jukebox Community

  Struggling with keeping your vintage jukebox running (Wurlitzer, Seeburg, ROCK-OLA, NSM, AMI Rowe, Crosley Radio, etc.)?

  Can't find usable parts?

  Expending too many resources keeping your fleet of jukeboxes operational?

  Losing revenue because the song choices in your jukeboxes are limited by older technology?

  Want to minimize the mechanical delays between songs?

  Have more record albums / CDs than your machine can hold?

  Tired of searching for a particular CD / Album or the right music to play?

  Want to transform your jukebox into something that plays digital music (MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV, AIF, AAC, M4A, MP4, FLAC, FLA, OGA, WMA, APE, MAC, MIDI, MID, RMI, KAR, & TTA) and Internet radio?
Music Enthusiast

  Have lots of CDs, albums, records, cassettes or 8-tracks and not sure what you really have in your collection?

  Concerned about the deterioration of music quality caused by wear and tear on the media?

  Wish you could play a random selection of songs for background music?

  Can't find that special sound track, or tired of listening to an entire CD just to hear a few favorite songs?

  Want to play compressed music (MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV, AIF, AAC, M4A, MP4, FLAC, FLA, OGA, WMA, APE, MAC, MIDI, MID, RMI, KAR, & TTA) or listen to Internet radio?
JukeTime™ has the solution to these problems, plus we can help you manage and control
your song collection with our ‘Multi-Genre’ music management system on your
 Commercial JukeboxConfiguration of the Commercial Jukebox Interface:Commercial Jukebox Interface ConfigurationResidential JukeboxConfiguration of the Residential Jukebox Interface:Residential Jukebox Interface Configuration, or Personal ComputerConfiguration of the Personal Computer Interface:Personal Computer Interface Configuration.

Multi-Genre support allows the accumulation and maintenance of all genre categories on a single maintenance computer.  Each user environment
can be customized to meet the client’s needs.  A specific genre can be selected and made visible on a jukebox by jukebox basis
(e.g. ‘All music’, or ‘Country’, ‘Rock & Roll’, or ‘Jazz’, etc.).
Click here to view one Example from the Retrofit Projects
Commercial Jukebox Interface
Residential Jukebox Interface
Digital Music Management System
Converted ROCK-OLA SYBARIS 474 Click on image to enlarge

Converted AMI Model B Click on image to enlarge

Model B
Laptop Computer Desktop Computer
Juketime’s Commercial (JT-JBIC) embedded system provides the ultimate in a coin-op Jukebox Interface.  

  Easy to use touch screen technology provides a powerful and intuitive user interface

  Proven computer technology and common components help reduce downtime and over all maintenance problems and costs

  Large music library capabilities (upwards of 100,000 songs) can provide a wider range of music selection for your customers

  Operational and maintenance statistics are readily available without opening the jukebox

  Music loaded on the jukebox is encrypted so your master library is protected

  Multiple levels of access provide tight security (Client, Owner & Manufacturer)

  Pulse type bill validator / acceptor interface plus support for customized interfaces (if required)

  Credits per dollar can be easily configured on a machine-by-machine basis

  Credits per song can be adjusted on a song-by-song basis to accomodate royalty differences
JukeTime-JBIC package includes:

  Commercial JT-JBIC user Interface

  Juketime’s JT-PC (PRO) companion suite

  Multiple licenses (1 maintenance computer license and 1 Jukebox license)

  User and quick start guides for both JT-JBIC and JT-PC
Bring your jukebox into the digital age and take control of your music collection with JukeTime’s Residential Interface (JT-JBIR) embedded system.
Eliminate the wear and tear on your music media by cataloging your CDs, records, cassettes, and 8‑tracks so they can be filed away for safe keeping.  Capture your favorite music via JukeTime’s audio extractor and music cataloger, so you can quickly search and play any combination of music from your personal library (by song title, artist, CD Title, genre, year recorded, category and even a couple of user defined attributes).  You can spend more time focused on listening to your favorite music rather than looking through your collection to find the right music to play.
Digitizing your Jukebox:

  Is simple and straight forward

  Uses readily available building materials and tools

  Takes minimal time and effort

  Is reasonably inexpensive

  Only requires common off the shelf components (inexpensive Intel based computer and touch screen monitor) that are available from a number of sources
JukeTime-JBIR package includes:

  New Jukebox User Interface

  Access to the online CDDB, plus access to the downloadable / local JT-CDDB lookup Database (containing data for about 3 million CDs / Albums)

  Copy of Juketime-PC, Digital Music Management System

  A fairly detailed jukebox retrofit guide filled with pictures and diagrams from a recent ROCK-OLA SYBARIS 474 conversion
JukeTime-PC (JT-PC) is a versatile music library system designed to return control of your music collection back to you.
The Digital Music Management System allows you to:

  Import music purchased from on-line sources

  Catalog, index, digitize, compress and store your music on disk

  Create virtual CDs / DVDs via favorite lists (playlists) or powerful multi-level search scripts

  Build stand-alone CDs, DVDs or USB memory disk players that can be used away from the home, (great for office use where employers restrict installation of non-company software)

  Extract music for your portable music player

  Listen to internet radio (even via the portable CD, DVD and USB stand-alone players)
JukeTime-PC package includes:

  Digital Music Management System

  Access to the online CDDB, plus access to the downloadable / local JT-CDDB lookup Database (containing data for about 3 million CDs / Albums)

  Automatic Access to online CD lookup Database (requires unrestricted internet access)
Start enjoying your music collection even more.  Find and play music quickly.  Listen to the music selections you want rather than everything that came pre-recorded on a CD / Album.
Click here to proceed to JT-JBIC product page Click here to proceed to JT-JBIR product page Click here to proceed to JT-PC product page
JT-Mini Front View
Click on image to enlarge
Build Your Own JT-Mini Jukebox

Click here to view the JT-Mini Jukebox Project
JT-Mini Side View
Click on image to enlarge
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