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Digital Jukebox
Commercial JukeTime Trademark Residential
Digital Jukebox Software and Digital Music Management System
‘supporting the Jukebox Retrofit Community and the Music Enthusiast’
Our products put the "FUN" back in your music collection.
JukeTime™ – Downloads
JukeTime™ – CD Database
Screenshot of CD Database Function
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Full CD Database, (including monthly updates, – 750MB) ‘Free with purchase of products’ (i.e.: JT-JBIR, JT-JBIC, JT-PC, JT-JTR, or JT-CDDB) Current CD Database 
CD Database via DVD - $14.95
(covers shipping and handling)
Demo / Trial Versions - (v2.7)
Digital Music Symbol
JukeTime-JBIC – Commercial Jukebox Interface Request JT-JBIC Demo Copy 
JukeTime-JBIR – Residential Jukebox Interface Request JT-JBIR Demo Copy 
JukeTime-PC – Digital Music Management System Request JT-PC Demo Copy 
JukeTime-JTP – Digital Music Player JTJTP FREE download 
JukeTime-Audio – Audio Capture and Album / Cassette Ripper Request JT-Audio Demo Copy 
JukeTime-RBT – Residential Automated System Restart Request JT-RBT Demo Copy 
JukeTime-RBT-PRO – Commercial Automated System Restart Request JT-RBTSRV Demo Copy 
JukeTime-JTR – Music CD Ripper Request JT-JTR Demo Copy 
JukeTime-CNVT – Music Format Converter
Request JT-CNVT Demo Copy 
JukeTime-CDC – CD Controller
Request JT-CDC Demo Copy 
Latest Updates: Patches / Fixes / Minor Enhancements
Screenshot of Patches and Fixes Function

v2.7_170 Updates released on June 9th, 2014

v2.6 Updates released on September 14th, 2013
V2.6 V2.7 
JukeTime-JBIC – Commercial Jukebox Interface JBIC V2.6update download  JBIC V2.7update download 
JukeTime-JBIR – Residential Jukebox Interface JBIR V2.6update download  JBIR V2.7update download 
JukeTime-PC – Digital Music Management System JTPC V2.6update download  JTPC V2.7update download 
JukeTime-JTP – Digital Music Player JTJTP V2.6update download  JTJTP V2.7update download 
JukeTime-Audio – Audio Capture and Album / Cassette Ripper JTAudio V2.6update download  JTAudio V2.7update download 
JukeTime-CDDB – Music Database Search JTCDDB V2.6update download  JTCDDB V2.7update download 
JukeTime-RBT – Residential Automated System Restart JTReboot V2.6update download  JTReboot V2.7update download 
JukeTime-RBT-PRO – Commercial Automated System Restart JTRbtSrv V2.6update download  JTRbtSrv V2.7update download 
JukeTime-JTR – Music CD Ripper JTR V2.6update download  JTR V2.7update download 
JukeTime-CNVT – Music Format Converter JTCnvt V2.6update download  JTCnvt V2.7update download 
JukeTime-CDC – CD Controller JTCDC V2.6update download  JTCDC V2.7update download 
JukeTime-LINK – Auto Startup Link Removal JTLinkDelete V2.6update download  JTLinkDelete V2.7update download 
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