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JukeTime-CD / DVD Controller – CD / DVD Device / Hardware Controller
JukeTime-CD / DVD Controller (JT-CDC) is a powerful and simple to use CD / DVD support utility.  It provides quick access to CD / DVD hardware so drives left in an unusable state can be unlocked and opened .  JT-CDC contains both an Interactive and command-line mode, so it is a great tool for remote system administrative activities.
     JT-CDC Product Features:

  Provides ultimate control over CD and DVD drives (you no longer have to reboot your computer to gain access to a drive locked by unruly applications)

  Capable of unlocking one or all CD and DVD drives

  Forces ejection of hung CDs and DVDs

  Closes CD and DVD drives on command

  Allows total control via remote logins (great for offsite system administration and remote testing)

  Support both interactive and command line modes
Screenshot of the JukeTime CD Controller
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JT-CDC Screenshot
     System Requirements:

  Standard Intel PC with a minimum of:

  1.4 GHz Processor (Intel Pentium or equivalent)

  512 MB Main Memory

  10 MB Hard Disk Space (available)

  One or more CDs / DVDs (Readers / Writers)

  Mouse, Monitor & Keyboard

  Microsoft® Windows Vista (SP1 or higher), or Windows-7 (SP1 or higher)
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License for Current JT-CDC Product - $4.95 Download a ‘FREE’ trial copy now
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