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Digital Jukebox
Commercial JukeTime Trademark Residential
Digital Jukebox Software and Digital Music Management System
‘supporting the Jukebox Retrofit Community and the Music Enthusiast’
Our products put the "FUN" back in your music collection.
JukeTime-JBIC – Commercial Jukebox Interface
JukeTime™’s Commercial (JT-JBIC) embedded system provides the ultimate in a coin-operated Jukebox Interface.  It was designed with the Jukebox owner in mind (to maximize revenueMaximize revenue:•   Replace older record and CD player
   mechanism with inexpensive, common
   off-the-shelf computer hardware
•   Increase number of plays per hour by
   eliminating the inherent mechanical
   delays between songs
•   Expand the jukebox’s capacity to 1000s
   of CDs and 100s of genres
, reduce maintenanceReduce maintenance:•   All system configuration and routine
   maintenance is handled via the built in
   touch screen
•   No specialized maintenance equipment
   is required to sustain the JBIC digital
•   Internal components (e.g. computer,
   power supply, CD drive, touch screen
   monitor, etc.) are all readily available
   from multiple sources and can be
   swapped out with minimal effort
, improve usabilityImprove usability:•   Juketime™ tracks your required
   reporting statistics, (like total number of
   plays, amount of money collected, etc.)
•   Most operating parameters, (like number
   of plays / credits per dollar) are
   configurable at the operator’s site
•   Adding, updating, and maintaining music
   is straight forward and requires
   minimal downtime for your operators
, provide securityProvide security:•   All music distributed to a jukebox is
   secure and protected by Juketime™’s
   enhanced RC4 encryption algorithm
•   Critical data (like remaining credits,
   songs played, etc.) are encrypted and
   maintained in the master database
and lower total cost of ownershipLower total cost of ownership:•   Most of your service staff no longer
   requires specialized jukebox knowledge
   and experience
•   Anyone with computer experience is a
   prime candidate to maintain the JBIC
   digital configuration
•   No need to stockpile large quantities of
   repair parts, because our system uses
   common components that are fairly
   inexpensive and available online or from
   most electronic vendors
).  Plus JT-JBIC based jukeboxes are totally self-contained and do not require an expensive internet connection to operate.

Going totally digital can breathe new life into older coin-operated jukeboxes.  JBIC’s Digital interface can reduce cost, decrease ongoing maintenance, provide encrypted music and critcal data security and improve your songs per hour capability.  In addition, Juketime™ provides the user with interface help desk support for manufacturers, owners and clients.
Feature Set, v2.7
     JT-JBIC Product Features:

  Powerful search and play functionalityPowerful search and play functionality:•   Song Title
•   Artist
•   CD Title
•   Most Played
•   New Releases
•   Recent Selections

  Compression & playing support for the most popular digital formats

  Multi-Genre database support (owner can select what genres to make visible to the user; All, Country, Rock & Roll, etc.)

  Network awareness for music insertions, database maintenance, and software upgrades, etc.

  Song and sales statistics recorded and reported

  Manufacture, Owner and Client level security

  Selectable bill / denomination support ($1, $5, $10 and $20)

  Adjustable credits per dollar ($1, $5, $10 and $20) and credits per song

  Pulse type bill acceptor interface (additional interfaces available by request)

  Deployed System (all Music loaded on the jukebox) is encrypted for copy protection

  Search, Review / Select music by CD Cover Art

  JukeTime™ maintenance suite & support toolsJukeTime™ maintenance suite & support tools:•   Extraction, compression and cataloging
   of music from CDs
•   Importing of file based music (MP1, MP2,
   MP3, OGG, WAV, AIF, AAC, M4A, MP4,
   MID, RMI, KAR, & TTA and JukeTime’s
   ‘JTX’ encrypted formats)
•   Music format converter
•   Powerful music library and database
•   Internet radio station player (for in-house
•   Automatic retrieval of music attribute
   data via the online or built-in CD
•   CD cover art maintenance capability

  Self-contained, No expensive internet connection is required
Converted ROCK-OLA SYBARIS 474
Click on image to enlarge

Converted ROCK-OLA SYBARIS 474
System Requirements:

  Jukebox Requirements:

  Standard Intel desktop PC with a minimum of:

  2.0 GHz Processor (Intel or equivalent, excluding Celeron)
  2GB Main Memory
  300GB Hard Disk
  Standard Keyboard & Mouse

  1 RS232 com port & 2 USB ports (or 3 USB ports plus a USB to serial port adapter)

  Microsoft® Windows Vista (SP1 or higher), or Windows-7 (SP1 or higher)

  Mouse based Touch Screen Monitor capable of supporting 1024x768 resolution

  Stereo Sound capability and Speakers (with Sub-Woofer)

  Support / Maintenance PC Requirements:Support / Maintenance PC Requirements:•   3.0 GHz Processor (Intel Pentium or
   equivalent, excluding Celeron)
•   2 GB Main Memory
•   300 GB Hard Disk
•   DVD / CD writer combo drive
•   Standard Keyboard & Mouse
•   Standard Color Monitor capable of
   displaying 1024x768 resolution
•   USB, Network and Stereo Sound
•   Stereo Speakers
•   PC running Microsoft® Windows, Vista
   (SP1 or higher) Windows-7 (SP1 or
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JT-JBIC Screenshots
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one Retrofit Project Example
Screenshot of JukeTime Commercial Main Screen
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Screenshot of JukeTime Commercial Idle Screen
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Jukebox registration and royalty requirements can be handled via one of the industry standard organizations (e.g .  1. JLO - Jukebox License Office ,  2.  AMOA - Amusement & Music Operators Association,  3.  ASCAP - American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers,  4.  BMI - Broadcast Music, Inc.,  5.  SESAC, Inc. - Society of European Stage Authors and Composers).
License for JT-JBIC Product - $74.95 clear gif clear gif
(Package includes License for JT-PC-PRO Product) JT-JBIC Licenses for Additional Jukeboxes - $19.95 Download a ‘FREE’ trial copy now
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