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Digital Jukebox
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Digital Jukebox Software and Digital Music Management System
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Our products put the "FUN" back in your music collection.
JukeTime-JTP – Digital Music Player
Screenshot of JukeTime-JTP Player Main Screen
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JukeTime-JTP (JT-JTP) is a multi-functional digital music player that supports over 20 different audio formats and allows acces to thousands of digital internet radio stations.  

JT-JTP’s easy to use, intuitive user interface makes it a great companion for the windows desktop.

Embedded attribute data (e.g. CD Title, Artist, Song Title, Cover images, etc.) is automatically extracted and provided as each song is played.  Thousands of songs can be ‘queued’ to play.  Songs in the player queue can either play in the order they were selected, or be randomized by the click of a button.  At any time, songs may be added to or deleted from the player queue.

Best of all, the ‘Basic’ version can be downloaded, installed and used for ‘FREE’.

Upgrading JT-JTP to the ‘PRO’ version allows access to the JukeTime Music Management System, audio CD & MP3 player, playlist & music script player, powerful search & play capabilities and the portable player creation process.
Screenshot of JukeTime-JTP Player
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JT-JTP Screenshots
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JT-JTP-PRO Enhancements
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System Requirements & Feature Set, v2.7
     JT-JTP Product Features:

  Support for multiple, highly compressed digital formats (MP1, MP2, and MP3)

  Built-in player queue that can hold thousands of songs

  Automatic sound leveling

  Network aware (for software upgrades, playing songs, etc.)

  Internet Radio Station Player (streaming digital audio from radio stations)

  Automatic extraction of embedded ID / Tag and CDArt data

  10 Pre-Defined Radio Stations (editable with user selectable station default)

  Powerful set of player controls, (queue, start, stop, pause, skip, mute, etc.)

  Powerful slide out panels for spectrum display, queue list and menus
     System Requirements:

  Standard Intel PC with a minimum of:

  2.0Ghz Processor (Intel or Equivalent, excluding Celeron)

  1GB Memory

  10GB Hard Disk

  Stereo Sound Card & Speakers

  Microsoft® Windows Vista (SP1 or higher), or Windows-7 (SP1 or higher)

  Standard Color Monitor capable of supporting 1024x768 resolution
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JukeTime-JTP basic version now
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