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JukeTime-Reboot – Automated System Restart
JukeTime-Reboot System (JT-RBT or JT-RBT-PRO) allows restart or recycle control of a laptop, desktop or server computer running in a multi-user environment.

Experience indicates that computer failure rates drop when the hardware is kept at a constant voltage and temperature (never power down the computer).  Advanced features already built into today’s computers and operating systems support this method of operation (disk drives are automatically spun down, monitors are put to sleep, exhaust fans slow down and CPUs go into hibernation mode).  JT-RBT enhances this support by providing an automated windows service that controls the recycling process.

Running a computer 24x7 expands its usability and provides additional time for lengthy tasks like music cataloging, database rebuilds, large internet downloads, automatic system backups and system administration.

Rebooting the system on a regular basis resets / refreshes the operating system, cleans up application crashes / hangs, reduces unexplained problems / issues and recovers lost memory from poorly designed programs (memory leaks).

Computers should be recycled at least once a week to help eliminate problems and stabilize the working environment.  JT-RBT automates this process by allowing controlled recycles during off hours or periods when the computer is idle and inactive.
     JT-RBT / JT-RBT-PRO Product Features:

Automated restart process – JT-RBTAutomated restart process – JT-RBT:Automated background monitoring based on user defined CPU / Network threshold criteria (JT-RBT, basic version).

Automated restart process – JT-RBT-PROAutomated restart process – JT-RBT-PRO:Service based monitoring in the JT-RBT-PRO version allows restart capabilities even when no users are logged on but the computer is running (great for commercial environments).

Selectable restart optionsSelectable restart options:Daily, weekly or monthly recycles.  Any day of the week, every day of the week, 1st and / or the 15th, first Monday, last Friday, or pick any day of the month.  Set restart time to any hour of the day or night.

  Restrict restartRestrict restart:based on CPU usage (recycle after the computer goes idle) and /  or Network usage (only allow restart if there is minimal network traffic).  Both CPU and Network thresholds are adjustable to match your computer configuration.

  Definable list of processesDefinable list of processes:to monitor and restrict / delay reboot while they are running.

  Waits for one or more processes to complete prior to reboot.

  Supports both – Reboot or Shutdown capability.

  User conformation – Notifies current user of pending recycle, (allows cancelation).

  Minimal system requirements.

  Nominal CPU load and memory usage.
Screenshot of the JukeTime Automated System Reboot
Click on image to enlarge
Juketime-Reboot Service Screenshot
     System Requirements:

  Standard Intel PC with a minimum of:

  1 GHz Processor (Intel Pentium or equivalent)

  1 GB Main Memory

  10 MB Hard Disk Space (available)

  Mouse, Monitor & Keyboard

  Microsoft® Windows Vista (SP1 or higher), Windows-7 (SP1 or higher)

  System Administrator account
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Sales Tax is added to all products sold in Texas
License for Current JT-RBT Product $9.95
Download a ‘FREE’ trial copy now
License for Current JT-RBT-PRO Product - $14.95
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