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JukeTime-SYNC – Data Backup and Recovery System
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JukeTime-SYNC System (JT-SYNC and JT-SYNC-PRO) provides a powerful file synchronization and system archive environment.  All user files (even files locked by the operating system) can be synced or archived to both local / removable storage and external server / networked drives.  Backups can be performed interactively or in the background during off hours.

JT-SYNC reduces potential loss of user data (e.g. documents, photos, emails, music, movies and more) by creating mirrored images for highly volatile / critical data or multi-level archives for day-to-day backup protection.

Automated backups can be scheduled based on day of the week or month, 1st and / or 15th of the month, first Monday or last Sunday of the month, etc.  Selected archive jobs can be executed at any time of day or night (lunch, midnight, 5AM, etc.).

Backups can be automatically compressed to reduce disk space usage and / or encrypted for increased data security.

Intuitive online restore and emergency command line recovery is integrated into the JT-SYNC system (with or without JT-SYNC being installed).

System requires minimal CPU, memory and resource loading.
     JT-SYNC / JT-SYNC-PRO Product Features:

  Create synchronized (mirrored folder) copies and compressed archives.

  Backup files, folders and subfolders.

  Sync / Archive hidden and system files.

  Customize backups by specifying file types to include and exclude.

  Schedule reoccurring backup jobs.

  Recover backup data via the interactive restore / recovery processes or the command line emergency recover feature.
      JT-SYNC-PRO Only Features:

  Sync / Archive locked files.

  Individual file encryption and / or compression.

  Compress and / or encrypt backups.

  Create complete drive images (user type files only).

  Generate differential and incremental archives (reduces disk space usage and backup processing time).
Screenshot of the JukeTime Automated File Synchronization and Computer Archive System

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     System Requirements:

  Standard Intel PC with a minimum of:

  2 GHz Processor (Intel Pentium or equivalent)

  1 GB Main Memory

  10 MB Hard Disk Space (available)

  Mouse, Monitor & Keyboard

  Microsoft® Windows Vista (SP1 or higher), Windows-7 (SP1 or higher)

  System Administrator account
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JT-SYNC Screenshots
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