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Digital Jukebox
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Digital Jukebox Software and Digital Music Management System
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Our products put the "FUN" back in your music collection.
JukeTime-Audio – Audio Capture and Album / Cassette Ripper Screenshots


Screenshot of JukeTime-AUDIO Analyze Window
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Screenshot of JukeTime-AUDIO Crop Screen
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Screenshot of JukeTime-AUDIO TRIM Screen
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View / Display Data

Screenshot of JukeTime-AUDIO View Display Data Screen
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Capture audio from an album, cassette or other commercially released source and split it into separate songs. Isolate sections of an audio recording by marking the start and end of the captured sample, crop the sample and save it to an output file. Identify the lead-in and trailing noise components of a recording and trim those from the captured sample. View / display music files and captured audio streams in timeline format.


Screenshot of JukeTime-AUDIO Volumn Screen
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Modify Audio

Screenshot of JukeTime-AUDIO Modify Audio Screen
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Screenshot of JukeTime-AUDIO Image Screen
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Screenshot of JukeTime-AUDIO Convert Screen
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Increase or decrease the amplitude or volume level of a recording. Modify captured audio data, (normalize audio recordings, remove vinyl pops and clicks, convert mono recordings to stereo, extract left and right channel data from stereo recordings and swap left and right channels). Extract and display embedded images from MP3, M4A and MP4 type files. Convert numerous file types (MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV, AIF, AAC, M4A, MP4, FLAC, FLA, OGA, WMA, APE, MAC, MIDI, MID, RMI, KAR, and TTA) into standard audio formats (MP3, OGG, WAV, and WMA).
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