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Digital Jukebox
Commercial JukeTime Trademark Residential
Digital Jukebox Software and Digital Music Management System
‘supporting the Jukebox Retrofit Community and the Music Enthusiast’
Our products put the "FUN" back in your music collection.
JukeTime-JBIC – Commercial Jukebox Interface Screenshots
Add pizzazz to your jukebox with Juketime‘s new commercial jukebox interface (JT-JBIC).  Allow your customers to search, view and play music by scrolling through CD / Album art rather than just looking at plain text.  Attract customers to your jukebox with vivid color images from the latest CDs and songs.

Customers navigate quickly and easily to their favorite artists and see what CDs and music titles are available.  Searching by song title, artist name or CD title is a snap (search by genre and year released coming in a future version) and that allows your customers to go directly to the music they want to hear.

Coupled with Juketime‘s rapid search technology is the capacity to catalog and store 1000s of CDs.  You can now cater to a broader customer base by keeping a larger collection of genres online and ready to play.
Main Screen of JukeTime-JBIC
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JBIC Main Screen

JukeTime‘s main screen provides your customers with information about the current playing selection, plus a constant scrolling set of available CDs (showing other available music).  Our spectrum and playback level displays add visual feedback about the current selection and also serve as eye catchers to draw customers to the jukebox.

From this screen they can rapidly search by artist name, song title or even the CD / Album title and play anything available in the jukebox.  Selecting the currently playing CD image displays all the details about that CD (artist‘s name, CD title, genre, song title, year released, etc.).  Pressing one of the other CD images displays all the songs available for that CD.

In addition, no jukebox interface would be complete without the ability to get instant help.  Assistance is only a button press away.  Access to the help feature is handled via either of the two ’Help Buttons‘ located in the upper left and right corners of the search screen.  Pressing a help button brings up a brief description of the search process‘ features and the use of the navigation buttons.

Artist Search Screen:

Customers can use this search process to find the artists they want to hear.  They can press any artist label and quickly see all the CDs cataloged for that artist.  If they select one of the CD images they can view all the available songs from that CD.  To play their favorite title they need only press its associated song label.

Moving within the artist or song list is easy and straight forward.  They can scroll up or down via the two sets of green up / down arrows directly beneath each list.  If the artist list is fairly long they can navigate it quickly by using the new ’Narrow Search‘ feature.  This capability allows them to jump to almost any spot within the list of artists.

Customers can rapidly scroll through the complete list of available artists or select the ’New Search By Artist‘ feature to pare down the list to something more specific.  All searches allow partial matches so your client‘s can enter ’Clark‘ and get a list of matching artists like ’Dave Clark Five‘, ’Petula Clark‘ and ’Kelly Clarkson‘.

This screen is also equipped with the handy ’Help‘ functionality.
Artist Search Sceen for JukeTime-JBICA
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Idle Screen for JukeTime-JBICA
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Idle Screen:

Juketime™ uses every opportunity to draw attention to the jukebox.  When the jukebox isn‘t playing music, it is constantly cycling through the CD / Album art from the latest 100 CDs catalogued into the system.  If the customer sees a CD of interest, they need only press the cover image to display the songs available from that selection.  

Once in front of the jukebox, they can select a CD or use the ’Search by Song‘, ’Search by Artist‘, or ’Search by CD‘ buttons to find their favorite artist, songs or CDs.

If a customer is not sure how to select the music they want to hear, they can simply press one of the ’Help Buttons‘ (in the upper left and right corners) and get instructions and information about how to find and play their favorite music.

Popup Narrow Search Keyboard:

Fast navigation is supported via JukeTime‘s new ’Narrow Search‘ function.  A simple press of the ’Narrow Search‘ button brings up the fast navigation keyboard.  Selecting the ’Go To Top‘, ’Go To Center‘ or ’Go To Bottom‘ buttons, positions to that location in the Artist / CD / Song list.  Pressing any of the A-Z or 0-9 buttons causes a search of the Artist / CD / Song list for a match to the first character in the name or title.
Jump2 Keyboard for JukeTime-JBICA
Click on image to enlarge
Keyboard for JukeTime-JBIC
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Popup Search Keyboard:

Selective searches are handled via the ’New Search By ’Artist / CD / Song‘ function.  Customers can enter a portion of the artist, CD or song title or name and find all catalogued that matches their search criteria.  As an example, if ’Clark‘ was entered, a list of artists like ’Kelly Clarkson‘, ’Dave Clark Five‘ and ’Petula Clark‘ would be presented.  The user only needs to pick the Artist / CD / Song of interest to see all the Artists, CDs or Songs available for that selection.

Popup Artist Search Help:

All main forms of the JukeTime™ system contain an easy to use help capability.  Pressing either of the two ’Help Buttons‘ brings up a help / information screen that provides guidance on what options are available and how to use that screen and buttons.  This is an example of the help screen for the Main JukeTime™ screen.
Help for the Artist Search Screen for JukeTime-JBIC
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Owner Screen for JukeTime-JBIC
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Owner‘s User Interface:

Configuration settings and routine maintenance are easily handled via the owner / operator access screen.  You can track number of plays and amount of money collected with the same touch screen interface used by your customers.
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