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Digital Jukebox
Commercial JukeTime Trademark Residential
Digital Jukebox Software and Digital Music Management System
‘supporting the Jukebox Retrofit Community and the Music Enthusiast’
Our products put the "FUN" back in your music collection.
JukeTime-JBIR – Residential Jukebox Interface Screenshots
JukeTime‘s residential jukebox interface is identical for both the ‘Basic’ and ‘PRO’ versions of the product (all screenshots are the same).  JBIR-PRO includes the enhanced JukeTime-PC-PRO utility set, (see the JukeTime-PC-PRO screenshots page for more detail).
JukeTime-JBIR-PRO – Residential Jukebox Interface (PRO) Screenshots

Main Window

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Main Window
Click on image to enlarge

Artist Search

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Artist Search
Click on image to enlarge

CD Search

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR CD Search
Click on image to enlarge

Song Search

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Song Search
Click on image to enlarge
Expand / retrofit your current Jukebox with a digital front end.  Catalog all your music (CDs, Online purchases, etc.) and use the powerful search and play technology provided by JukeTime™ to quickly find and play your favorite music. Select from the complete list of available artists or perform a new search to narrow down the possible candidates. Scroll through the list of CDs and select the desired album.  View all available music from the selected CD. View a list of all available music or use the ‘New Search’ feature to find songs matching a desired title.

Favorites / Playlist

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Playlist Launcher
Click on image to enlarge

Songs In Queue

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Songs In Queue Interface
Click on image to enlarge

Search Scripts

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Search Scripts Interface
Click on image to enlarge


Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Utilities Interface
Click on image to enlarge
Queue up your favorites with just a few simple taps on the screen.  You no longer have to spend time searching through your CD collection or loading multiple discs just to hear the songs you like. Monitor and control the playback of your selected music with this powerful interface. Execute multi-level search scripts to automate those reccurring search requirements.  Queue-up all of an era, everything for a specific artist, any genre, a specific CD / album / cassette or any combination. Configure JukeTime™ to meet your specific needs.


Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Help Screen
Click on image to enlarge

CD / DVD / MP3 Player

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR CD / DVD / MP3 Player Interface
Click on image to enlarge

Internet Radio Interface

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Internet Radio Interface
Click on image to enlarge

Radio Screensaver

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Radio Screensaver
Click on image to enlarge
Quick and easy access to the JukeTime™ Residential help system. Listen to your favorite audio CDs plus all your MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV, AIF, AAC, M4A, MP4, FLAC, FLA, OGA, WMA, APE and MAC files, CDs and DVDs. Tune in the latest Internet radio stations. During radio station reception the screen saver scrolls CD art for the albums available in the jukebox.

Animated Screen Saver

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Screensaver Interface
Click on image to enlarge

Sound Control

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Sound Control Interface
Click on image to enlarge

Advanced Features

Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Advanced Features Interface
Click on image to enlarge


Screenshot of JukeTime-JBIR Statistics Interface
Click on image to enlarge
Delight your friends with the animated screen saver.  Watch the records spin, flip and track your music as it plays. Adjust playback volume or mute the sound with only a couple of clicks. Select one of the advanced features provided by the JukeTime™ system. Keeping tabs on the age of your CD lookup database or monitoring the amount of catalog free space couldn't be easier.
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